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Home » Accomodations » Hotels » Hotel Il Borghetto

Hotel Il Borghetto

Description Perhaps unlike anywhere else in Italy, the towns in Tuscany represent a point where time stands still by preserving the traces of history. If there is one city where those traces appear clear and deep- rooted, with myriad references that are still alive and active, that place is Montepulciano. The city of Montepulciano exhibits its own past with the pride of having a history of events and art to defend. It is a city whose beauty alone is enough to make words superfluous. Right within the city on Via Borgo Buio, there is a building of ancient splendor that was constructed in the 16th century on a preexisting foundation whose cellars are carved out of the volcanic rock known as tufa and extend beneath the street itself. The building's doors, with their subtle charm, are evidence of years past and beauty left untouched by the passing of time.

Services IL BORGHETTO represents the place where new and old meet in a setting that is purely historic, from the building's fixtures to the furnishings and brick floors. IL BORGHETTO offers all modern amenities and comforts in a stylish atmosphere. All rooms (Single bedrooms, Double bedrooms and Suites) are equipped with complete bathroom facilities, a telephone with a direct outside line, satellite TV, and Internet access. Breakfast not included. The hotel offers car parking and a garage for motorcycles and bicycles. New ideas supporting ancient tradition.

Address: Via Borgo Buio, 7, 53045 Montepulciano (SI)
Tel: +39 0578757535
Fax: +39 0578757354

Manager: Elena Trovati


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