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Home » News » Under the Tuscan Sun

The shootings of the film "Under the Tuscan Sun", directed by the american author
and director Audrey Wells and producted by an italo-american company the "Tatiale
Films", ended Tuesday 1° October in Piazza Grande. The working started Sunday 29
September and initially hocked 300 extras, the more selected in Montepulciano.

From saturday the square was already introduced with the aspect dictated by the
scene that is with a theater box of medieval aspect prepared in front of the
communal palace and with banners and flags calling the style of the tuscan quarters.

The scene describes in fact a folkloristic party with a lot of characters in
fourteenth century dress, wavers, drummers, crossbowmen, gentleman on horseback
and public in civilian clothes. Featured by the book "Under the Tuscan Sun" of the
american writer Frances Mayes, the plot tells the true story of a teacher of S.Francisco
that, as a result of familiar intrigues, transfers her life in Tuscany, in Cortona.

Performers of the film are the american actress Diane Lane and the popular Raul
Bova that instead doesn't appear in the scene turned in Piazza Grande. For an artistic
choice of the director the wavers, drummers and extras of the quarters were
selected in S.Sepolcro while to respect the quarters of Montepulciano the production
realized standards and flags that, combining traditional colors, were not inspired
however to a specific tradition.

During the party (and that is the content of the scene) one of the protagonists
interprets a waver who, distracted by the presence of the young person of which he
is in love, fails to keep the flag that hits him in the head. In order to allow the working
of the film, that occupied for two thirds Piazza Grande, the commune adopted
particular provisions to close and to limit the traffic in the high part of the historical



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