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The land belonging to the estate is situated mainly on the hillside and surrounds a Leopoldino-style farmhouse built in the second half of eighteen century. Leopoldino farmhouses (typical of the Valdichiana area) take their name from the person from whom they originated, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Pietro Leopoldo. While reclamation works were being carried out in Valdichiana, the Grand Duke ordered an investigation into whether the farmhouses in which the “peasants” lived were large enough, well ventilated, and well protected from the damp and cold. The results of this investigation revealed that in many farms on the plain the very large families were often forced to sleep with the animals, were exposed to all weathers and were therefore subject to serious diseases and infections. This made the Grand Duke decide to set aside a substansial sum of money for the construction of new, more comfortable dwellings, situated preferably on the hillside.



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