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Home » Turismo » Farm Home » Borgo Giusto

Borgo Giusto

The history of Borgo Giusto is as ancient as the stones used in this area from time immemorial, to build houses, and as simple as the life of humble peasant families who lived here for centuries, passing on from generation to generation the art of labouring in olive and vine groves, to produce the typically golden olive oil and fine wines of their beloved country. It was hard work in those steep hills; Borgo's historty goes back to the sixteenth century; the houses were built close to one another, in the random space allowed by the available ground; and so in time a cluster of small buildings became a village, through which ran narrow paths and ramps, widening up onto a small buildings became a village, through which ran narrow paths and ramps, widening up onto a small square. Casa dell'Arco 2 Casa di Aldo 2+2 Casa del Portico 2+2 Casa di Sonia 2+2 Casa del Pittore 2+2+1 Casa di Veronica 2+2 Casa di Pino 4+2 Casa di Gianni 2 Casa di Adele 2+1+1 Casa di Adriano 2+2 Casa del Postino 2+2 Casa di Giovanni 4+2 Casa di Loreno 2+2 Casa di Pilade 2 Casa del Carabiniere 4 Villino Tosca 2+2 Casa di Abramo 2+2 Casa di Mario 2+2 Villa Giosy 8+2+2 Villino Rela 2 Casa dei Giusti 4+2 Casa di Giuliano 2+2 Casa Patrizia 2+2 Casa della Palma 2+2 Casale le Vigne Casa Di Lena 2 Le Vigne A 5+2 Ca' di Giusto A 2+2 Le Vigne B 4+2 Ca' di Giusto B 4 Le Vigne C 7+2 Il Metato 2 Il Pioppo 5+2+2 á From June to August the minimun stay is 7 days from Saturday to Saturday. For weekly rates check the Special Offers Price include: water and electric usage bed and bath linen supply final cleaning you can use swimming pool tennis court and amusement park for children in Borgo Giusto Extra: self heating system according to consumption telephon (Borgo Giusto houses only) househelp 7,74 euro per hour baby sitter 7,74 euro per hour) you can go hourse riding - additional bed 52 euro cradle 26 euro animals are admitted, 26 euro

Address: Soccolognola, Borgo a Mozzano (LU)

Website: Prenotazione online by


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